Past Projects

Puente Hills Habitat Authority – Whittier, CA – Camera Trap Survey


Operate several camera traps in order to compare to previous camera trap data from 2013. See news article here .


Shorecliffs Golf Course – San Clemente, CA – Nesting Bird Surveys


Weekly nesting bird surveys as well as Stream Alteration Agreement compliance for the deconstruction and recontstruction of the Shorecliffs Golf Course. Mostly common bird species were found nesting including American crow, bushtit, and Anna’s hummingbird.


SCE Refugio Canyon Pole Replacement Project – Santa Barbara, CA


Southern California Edison pole replacement project in remote Refugio Canyon required nesting bird surveys as well as environmental compliance. Pre-construction surveys were completed prior to any work.


Boat Salvage Project – Ventura State Beach, Ventura, CA


Monitored for Western snowy plovers during a boat salvage construction project on a state beach in Ventura, CA.